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Heart of the New Nordics

Geographical location on the crossroads between the main Eurasian markets makes Latvia one of the most convenient and practical hubs for transporting goods from Asia to Europe and vice versa


Latvia is 2nd greenest country in the EU
(Source: Eurostat, the WHO and the European Environmental Agency)
Skilled and motivated talent pool

Latvia is 7th in the world according to the number of new entrants to bachelor programms studying STEM (Source: Education at a Glance 2019)

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Developed infrastructure

From well developed transport and logistics infrastructure, to IT and communications

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Cost effective environment

Latvia`s tax system has been recognised as 2rd most competitive in the world (Source: International Tax Competitiveness Index 2020)

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Strong startup ecosystem

Tech-savvy founders attracted by Latvia's favorable startup policies and wide funding opportunities

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Latvia has five Special Economic Zones (SEZ), which can offer appealing tax rebates for your business

Visma Labs

“Visma is very satisfied doing business in Latvia. Visma entered the market in 2014 and has since then grown the business in the country.  Latvians are hard working, reliable, they adapt easily to different cultures and deliver all tasks in high quality.”

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Therese SlettenDirector Strategic initiatives, Visma group


“At TietoEVRY in Latvia we are setting new standards as we focus on attractive work environment. More than 750 of our employees have a modern work model – open-plan office, flexible working hour concept, fruits in the office, and psychologist counseling included in the insurance policy. We, Tieto Latvia, are an employer with a balance between work and leisure.”

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Valērija VārnaCountry manager, Chairman of the board Tieto Latvia

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Visma Labs

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