Strong startup ecosystem

Overview of the Latvian startup ecosystem

Latvian ecosystem is small, yet vibrant. It consists of highly motivated multilingual (often with at least 3 languages or more) talented people of various age and backgrounds. The startup environment is dynamic and rapidly growing. To nurture this growth, all key stakeholders have joined hands together.

Latvian startup infrastructure consists of 500+ registered startups, a pool of institutional investors and business angels, a diverse range of modern co-working spaces, dozens of business incubators fueled by the government, academia and private individuals, as well as an event calendar full of exciting gatherings, productive conferences, hackathons and meetups. The capital city Riga hosts numerous annual Tech & Innovation conferences: the Digital Freedom Festival, iNovuss, Deep Tech Atelier and TechChill. Moreover, a unique Startup Law has been passed, and Startup Visa, officially - temporary residence permit, has been created to make the Latvian startup ecosystem even more vibrant and productive.

Government support

The Latvian government has particular interest and determination in boosting the development of the startup environment; therefore, the support is provided at various stages: ideation & conceptualization, initiation, development and expansion. No matter what stage you have reached – there is a support mechanism just for you! And it is implemented and delivered through Magnetic Latvia Startup (also known as StartupLatvia), a brand under the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA).

You can find more about startups here:

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