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Due to instable situation in the Republic of Belarus and strong interest of Belarusian companies in relocation of business, Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA), together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) and the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs (OCMA), took measures to provide informative support, as well as accelerate the issuance of necessary visas and temporary residence permits (TRP) for citizens of the Republic of Belarus.

Considering the spread of COVID-19, regulations № 360 of the Cabinet of Ministers “Epidemiological Safety Measures for the Containment of the Spread of COVID-19 Infection” came into force, which determine epidemiological safety measures, including the need to observe self-isolation upon the arrival in the Republic of Latvia. Considering possible changes in the rules, we recommend contacting LIAA for the most updated information.

Main information and steps about business setup and relocation procedures:

  • Relocation guide for companies and startups from Belarus

Our relocation guide includes information about visas, arrival to Latvia, company registration and relocation of employees.

Please note that each individual should fill in the form at www.covidpass.lv before entering Latvia.

Relocation Guide ENG

Relocation Guide RUS

  • Business Guide 2020

Business guide 2020 covers topics related to business environment, industries and incentives for investors in Latvia.

Business Guide ENG

Business Guide RUS

  • Latvian Startup Guide

Tailor-made comprehensive material that covers a broad range of topics related to startups

LIAA Startup Guide

  • Information about cities and special economic zones (SEZ) in Latvia

Several cities and special economic zones of Latvia have already expressed their deep interest in hosting and providing assistance with relocation for hi tech companies and startups from Belarus. Please refer to the presentations below.

  • Employment opportunities for individuals

The most popular and commonly used site for job offers in Latvia is CV.LV that has over 6500 open vacancies listed at the moment. The site offers current job offers in all fields from most of the companies operating in Latvia and is completely free of charge.

A favourite among IT specialist is site LikeIT that focuses solely on IT sector. The site offers not only job offers, but also career consultations and coaching.

LinkedIn is also commonly used as job posting platform, mostly for more managerial position or vacancies in IT sector.

Several leading recruitment agencies in Latvia may assist candidates to find suitable vacancies:

Recruitment companies Latvia 2020

  • Office and residential real estate market overview by leading brokerage and advisory firms
Latio residential market overview 2020

Colliers Baltic Quarterly Report Q3 2020

CBRE Baltics modern office stock Riga


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