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From the transport and logistics point of view, Latvia has the best location to establish a business in Northern Europe. Just look at the map! Latvia is at the heart of Europe’s fastest-growing area — the Baltic Sea region (northeast part of Europe). Due to the geographical advantages that serve as a gateway between Scandinavia, Central Europe, and Eastern Europe, logistics has always been a priority area in Latvia. If we speak about the capital – Riga – it is the largest Baltic city, located in the middle of the Baltic region. 

Latvian transport and storage sector is diversified, with sea and railway transport being important export services. Thus, Latvia is a natural home for regional headquarters and distribution centres of international companies. The sector is enhanced by the modernization and implementation of high-tech solutions and automation to processes. Competitive labour and favourable government policies aimed at improving the road infrastructure, promoting railway freight, and promoting ICT and new technologies further contribute to the potential.


Main subsectors
Largest airline and airport in the region; Logistics and post serving Alibaba airplanes; Rail integrated into all CIS rail system (1520mm); Upcoming Rail Baltica project; Multimodal terminals in 3 ice-free ports and seven smaller ports; TEN-T transport core network

Fast facts

  • We are proud to have the largest air transportation hub in the Baltics – Riga International Airport – offering 100 direct destinations and serving nearly half of Latvian national airline airBaltic passengers. 
  • Latvian railroads are the main commercial transportation infrastructure, especially for inland traffic. We are the only country in Europe with more than 70% of railway inland freight transport. Just wait for one of the biggest global projects, the Rail Baltic railway network, to connect Helsinki with Berlin right through the Baltics! The construction will be finished by 2026.
  • When it comes to freight handling, we are very competitive at a European level – Latvia is in the fourth place in port freight per capita, reaching 20.1 tonnes per capita in 2021. Also, we offer one of the most attractive port tariffs among Baltic Sea countries.

Industry statistics

  • The transport and storage sector is one of the most promising sectors in the Latvian economy. In 2021, Latvia had more than 145 million tons of cargo transported through railways, roads, and ports – 22 million tonnes through railway, 42 million tonnes sent internationally out from Latvian seaports, 82 million tonnes transported by road and 11 thousand tonnes of cargo delivered by air transportation.
  • Riga International Airport had recovered from crisis in 2021 - its number of passengers had risen by 21% and was 2.35 million people yearly. 
  • We are in the epicentre of action here, as goods within 24 hours can be delivered to any customer in the Baltic States and even in Helsinki, Stockholm, and Warsaw.

 Employment and education

  • We hope you are not indecisive! If you want to pursue higher education in Latvia in transport and logistics, you can choose between 12 universities providing higher education in the industry. There is also airBaltic PilotAcademy.
  • Also, Latvia currently has around 1002 students studying transportation and logistics. Defying the bias that transport and logistics are male domineered industries, 20% of the students are females.
  • The transport and logistics field is attractive and lucrative in Latvia, as 8085 companies operate within the sector, with total employment of  69 000 people.


Industry leaders

  • Air Baltic Corporation is a flag carrier of Latvia – offering more than 70 direct destinations with a renewed Airbus A220 fleet linking all metropolitan and leisure nodes among CIS and Europe.
  • LDZ Cargo is the largest rail freight carrier in the Baltic States and the fifth-largest in the European Union, utilizing all key East-West and North-South transport corridors. Record-fast transport corridor from the city of trains in China – Yiwu – has been tested. In only 11 days, your cargo from far East China can be in Latvia.
  • Kreiss is one of the largest carriers among the Baltic states focusing on perishable and frozen cargo in European and CIS markets - with ~2000 trucks and ~2000 cooling trailers. It has an annual turnover of nearly 170 million.
  • TFS Trans is an excellent example in the terminal and warehouse field. The company opened a completely automated logistics centre, the largest and most technologically advanced high-bay warehouse in the Baltics (November 2017). Investment amount – 40 million EUR, 73 000 thousand pallet capacity.
  • Latvijas Pasts is fully owned by the Latvian State. Its primary function is providing a universal postal service. The company has established a postal sorting complex within the territory of RIX and is always looking for business diversification. Latvijas Pasts has been a partner with Alibaba Group, servicing several cargo airplanes per week.


Transport and Logistics fact sheet


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