Daugavpils Planning Region

Daugavpils is the second-largest city in the country after the capital Riga, which is located some 230 kilometres to its north-west.

  • Daugavpils is a transport hub with over 160 years of history.
  • Multicultural environment in which more than 70 different nationalities live.
  • 38% of Daugavpils economy makes manufacturing
  • Daugavpils City Council assigns discounts for real estate tax, implements municipal grants, offers municipal premises for lease, develops industrial sites.
  • 23 exporters to Finland in Latgale, including 11 exporters to Finland in Daugavpils

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Key facts


1 878 km²




90 939

Population density:

10,9 persons/km2

Population of the working age:

56 000


Latvian - 33.8%, Russian - 41.7%, Belarusian - 6.3%, Polish - 12.2%, Ukrainian - 1.4%

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