Technology transfer

Technology transfer is supported by various means in Latvia. LIAA operates as the National Technology Transfer Centre and thus provides various activities aiming to contribute to innovation growth by supporting the development of new products and technologies, technology transfer and long-term cooperation between research organisations and companies.

LIAA can offer support in different project stages and needs:

  • A large number of projects are implemented at public research organisations that are available for companies – the intellectual assets available could result in collaborations through joint ventures, licensing and acquisition etc. – we can help you find them!
  • Innovation vouchers are available for SMEs to encourage cooperation between research and industry to develop new products and technologies.
  • We can provide information and put you in contact with prototyping facilities and acceleration funds.
  • Other activities aimed at boosting technology transfer ecosystem:
    • monitoring publicly funded research projects to identify commercial opportunities;
    • brokerage services for researchers and for those who are interested in commercializing research results;
    • international technology market research;
    • implementation of intellectual property related procedures in research institutions;
    • creation of Latvia’s identity in the field of innovation.

We can help you find the right partner for research purposes among our research organisations as well as introduce you to the pool of available state-of-the-art technologies and opportunities to develop them together.

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