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Riga is not only the capital of Latvia and indisputably the largest city in the three Baltic States, it is also Europe’s capital of Art Nouveau architecture and one of the ‘greenest’ cities in the region. Entertainment options for all ages and tastes range from hipster neighbourhoods to upmarket clubs, from cinemas for all tastes to traditional theatres and exhibitions, as well as a zoo and an open-air Skansen-style museum for family visits. Easily accessible by the rest of the world, Riga has the largest air transportation hub in the Baltics – Riga International Airport.

Wild mushrooms, smoked lamprey, venison dishes, birch juice, sweet strawberries and sour cherries, excellent honey, rhubarb wine and beer brewed by local masters – all this and much more is waiting for you in Latvia. Riga is an outstanding destination for gourmet holidays, but you will also find splendid restaurants outside of the capital, located in historic buildings and other beautiful places. 

Nevertheless, Riga is only a part of Latvia’s story. The remainder can offer an array of recreational options from cosy B&Bs with only a light touch of ‘virtual rurality’ or outdoor glamping, to the open-air medieval theatre, to rock and pop festivals with international stars. An evening at a country home featuring a Latvian ‘herbal sauna’, horseback riding across scenic hills, or fishing in a murmuring stream makes for a refreshing shared break, either for a management team or families. 

Latvians continue to honour the traditions of their ancestors – a culture embedded in Latvian folklore that is best experienced during the Summer Solstice or "Jāņi" holiday, and the massive Song and Dance festival. Visiting at each season is the experience itself – you can enjoy winter with sub-zero temperatures and snow, spring floods, warm summers, and colourful autumn.

If you like a more culturally oriented country trip, you can celebrate arts throughout the whole month in the Cesis Art Festival or Riga International Biennial of Contemporary Art (RIBOCA). It promotes an understanding of the processes behind contemporary culture worldwide. Riga – Jurmala Festival, Riga Opera Festival and International Sigulda Opera festival are highly anticipated by both Latvian audiences and opera-lovers from abroad. 

Latvia offers numerous castles and manors with a variety of museums. One such pearl, for example, can be found in Daugavpils, where one of the renovated buildings of the giant historic fortress houses the Mark Rothko Art Centre featuring several of the legendary abstract-art works. Pay a visit and enjoy Latvia yourself!

To get to know Latvia closer visit www.latvia.eu or official travel portal.


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