q.beyond AG is an IT service provider with headquarters in Cologne, large sites in Hamburg, and multiple other locations.

The company arose after a rebranding of QSC AG on 22nd September 2020. QSC was founded in 1997 as a DSL network operator and provider of Internet and telecommunications products. Since then, the company has transformed itself into a German IT, cloud, SAP, and IoT service provider.

At the beginning of 2020, the company’s leadership explored the Baltic states looking for a place to open its first office outside Germany and decided upon Riga, Latvia.

The first employee joined the q.beyond team in July.

By the end of 2020, we already had 9 employees fully contributing to q.beyond Germany, who could solve issues independently and offer customer support in SAP Basis and Microsoft administration areas.

The experiment of building up two teams in Riga proved to be so successful, so the decision was made to grow the Riga team further and expand our skills and areas of responsibility.

By the end of 2021, we are planning to have 20 people on board and 5 technical teams, including DevOps, Packaging and VMWare engineers.

We are proud of this step on our journey with more ambitious plans to come.

We support our customers in finding the best digital solutions for their business, after which we help in implementing and operating them.

q.beyond’ 1000-strong team of employees guides our medium-sized sector customers safely through the digital transformation, with comprehensive expertise in the areas of cloud, SAP, and the Internet of Things.

The q.beyond team in Riga is currently focused SAP Basis, Microsoft administration, Packaging and VMWare but is looking forward to expanding more into the cloud, DevOps, and other areas where q.beyond Germany offers its services to their customers.

"We are a newly created company in Riga with a start-up atmosphere, fresh ideas, and strong commitment. At the same time, we get solid support from our parent company, which offers us great growth opportunities and stability."

"We are open-minded young specialists, ready to learn and innovate! SIA q.beyond can bring a fresh perspective to the existing processes and services provided to the customers, elevate the experience and quality levels and bring an international and multicultural spirit to the parent company."

Origin country: Germany
In Latvia since: April 2020 – registered the company
July 2020 – first employee
Number of employees (2021):  16
Website:  qbeyond.lv/


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