The company SIA "Intergaz" was founded in September 1999 to supply liquefied petroleum gas (also known as LPG) to Latvia.The name "Intergaz" comes from the abbreviation of English term: “International Gas”, as the company was originally the result of joint cooperation between entrepreneurs from two countries: Latvia and Belarus.

In the last 20 years, the company "Intergaz" from a small company has turned into one of the leaders of the Baltic market, annually showing a positive development trend.

The company "Intergaz" provides a convenient alternative to natural gas - a gas supply system running on liquefied petroleum gas (propane, butane), which can be installed in any, even the most inaccessible places in Latvia. With company`s solution, residents of Latvia get all the amenities associated with gas heating in a very short period of time - on average, designing, approving a project and installing a gas supply system takes 1 month. Also, liquefied petroleum gas is an environmentally friendly natural resource, which is a very important factor for many of our customers.

Latvia has provided Intergaz with excellent business development conditions (the availability of qualified employees, the necessary infrastructure, and much more). In return, Intergaz provided more than 100 highly paid and stable jobs, and also made a great contribution to the financial development of the Latgale region, repeatedly winning awards as the largest taxpayer in the Latgale region. 

“Despite the fact that we have been working in Latvia for more than 20 years, we still see great potential in the development of our business. Over the past 4 years, autonomous gasification of private houses has become a very popular solution among residents of Latvia and we are seeing very rapid growth in this business area. Intergaz invests a lot of resources in developing innovative solutions in the gas industry to make our products and services even better and more convenient for our existing and potential customers.” – Jevgenijs Karevs, General Director SIA “Intergaz”

Origin country:  Latvia, Belarus, Russia
In Latvia since: 1999
Number of employees (2020):  109
Total investment in Latvia: 3 000 000+ EUR



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