Support programmes

Businesses who registered their entity in Latvia have an opportunity to apply for various support programmes fostering innovation and growth. Specific criteria apply for each programme to qualify. Programs are subject to change based on the regulations of the Government of Latvia.

Implemented by Investment and Development Agency of Latvia:
Support for digitization of processes

Entrepreneurs, associations, foundations and research and knowledge dissemination organizations have access to support for process digitization, the purpose of which is to promote process digitization in commercial activities and increase productivity.

Support is given in the form of a grant:

  • up to 5,000 euros 100% for small (micro) and small entrepreneurs*
  • up to 100,000 euros 30% – 60% for entrepreneurs, foreign branches, farm undertaking, cooperative societies, state owned enterprises, associations, foundations, research and knowledge dissemination organizations

A microenterprise is an enterprise with fewer than 10 employees and whose annual turnover (revenue over a certain period) or balance sheet (statement of assets and liabilities of the enterprise) does not exceed EUR 2 million;
A small enterprise is an enterprise with fewer than 50 employees and an annual turnover or balance sheet not exceeding EUR 10 million;

Eligible costs:

  • costs of purchase, development, installation and adaptation of ready-made solutions, hardware, sensors, equipment, software and information technology infrastructure, including the cost of purchasing a license;
  • consulting costs for specific equipment, software, solutions, strategic management of commercial activities in the field of digitization (only for micro, small and medium enterprises).

Supported activities:

  • administrative processes such as finance and accounting, administration, document management, project management, collaboration, system interoperability;
  • personnel management processes such as human resource management, timekeeping, work delegation, personnel involvement, evaluation and motivation;
  • sales processes such as customer acquisition and transaction management, sales and transaction tracking, e-commerce, digital marketing, retail solutions, customer relationship management (CRM);
  • resource management processes such as resource management (ERP, warehouse), energy resource management, more efficient use;
  • data management processes such as data security, storage, communication infrastructure;
  • transport and logistics processes such as the smart mobility solutions, perception systems, traffic monitoring;
  • production and quality control processes such as management and automation of production and business processes, quality control systems, data synchronization, data analytics;
  • operational management processes such as business management, business analytics, big data analytics, solutions for management decision-making, data automation, synchronization;
  • strategic management as a digitalization (process and product) and innovation development strategy;
  • making other improvements related to information and communication technology products, technologies or processes.

Before applying for support, an initial digital maturity test must be performed to determine the necessary investments for digitalization needs, and it is necessary to receive a digital development road map issued by the European Digital Innovation Center (Latvian IT cluster).

Start-up support

A capital company with a high growth potential the basic activity of which is related to the development, production or improvement of scalable business models and innovative products under the Law on Aid for the Activities of Start-up Companies may qualify for the following aid:

  • An aid programme for the fixed payment

The start-up company has the right to apply for a fixed payment for the employee from the amount of the two minimum monthly wages set by the Cabinet of Ministers, applying the mandatory contribution rate.

  • Aid Programme for Attracting Highly Qualified Employees

A start-up company has the right to apply for an aid programme for attracting highly qualified employees. The Cabinet shall issue regulations regarding aid programme for attracting highly qualified employees by determining the procedures for granting the aid to start-up companies.

  • Personal income tax relief

An employee of the start-up company is exempt from the personal income tax if regarding him or her a fixed payment has been made for the income subject to a payroll tax obtained in the start-up company.

Find more information here.

Acceptance of applications is open while funding is available.

Coming soon...
  • Loan with capital discount

The loan is meant for projects to be implemented in the fields of smart technologies, smart materials, technology and engineering systems, information and communication, smart energy and mobility. If the aims of the project are achieved, part of the allocated funding will be covered in a form of a grant. 

The programme will be implemented by the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia and ALTUM.

  • European Union (EU) Structural Fund-backed support program for small and medium-sized Latvian enterprises for the development of innovative business

The program is expected to support a total of 1,500 companies.

The overall funding of the aid program is €73.38 million and aims to ensure that financing is available to innovative businesses and export promotion. The aid program will promote businesses focused on high-value-added creation in the medium-high and high-tech field, thereby contributing to the achievement of the objectives of the National Industrial Policy Latvia's Smart Specialisation Strategy.

Enterprise Europe Network

EEN provides free services:

  • Help with international partner search:
    • Organizing business missions and contact exchanges;
    • Business Cooperation Database – an opportunity to search for current business/ technology/ research cooperation offers, as well as to place your offer in the database. The database is available here;
    • Selection of contacts of potential cooperation partners.
  • Prepares information about target market;
  • Provides advice on legislative and business aspects (goods and services requirements, standardization issues, CE labelling, posting of workers abroad, etc.);
  • Provides advice on access to finance (Horizon 2020, Erasmus, Creative Europe, Interreg, etc.);

EEN also helps to search partners for participation in international programs.
Learn more: Go to the webpage


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