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40+ incentives

for business development, innovations, ICT and export

Co-financed training courses

and knowledge sharing organized by industry association ABSL Latvia


for GBS industry investment projects that cuts bureaucracy by half

€ 200,000 

co-financing for employee training, transfer, implementation of automation and robotization in the company

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Subordinated to the Minister of Economics of Latvia, the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) promotes foreign investment and implements tourism development and innovation policies.

To offer new opportunities to local companies interested in expanding to foreign markets, LIAA facilitates making new contacts in trade missions, national stands, B2B events, individual meetings and export workshops. LIAA services include providing information on the financial, legal, fiscal, and procedural aspects of doing business in Latvia. It also aids in establishing contacts with Latvian partners and identifying property options.

Founded in 1993, LIAA combines bright minds and great ideas to help Latvian products find their way to foreign markets, investment flow to Latvia and new companies grow, innovate and turn Latvia into an attractive tourism destination.