Gas and electricity prices

Natural Gas Tariffs 

The largest gas provider in Latvia is state-owned ‘AS Latvijas Gāze”, which offers fixed gas prices depending on consumption. For households with consumption up to 25 000 m3, please see the table below (the particular tariff is recalculated twice a year – 1st of January and 1st of July):

Consumption Cost per m3
Up to 250 m3 0,71472 EUR
250 m3 to 500 m3 0,57912 EUR
From 500 m3 to 25 000 m3 0,41668 EUR

Since April 2017, the gas market has been open for any private supplier, so currently, there are around 30 gas providers. The full list of gas traders in Latvia is available here.

Water Tariffs

According to the Regulator of Public Utilities (April 26, 2018), effective from June 1, 2020, water supply and drainage service rates in Riga are as follows. You can follow the changes here:

Service Measurement
not incl.
Water supply 1 m3 0.85 1.03
Drainage 1 m3 0.74 0.89
Combined 1 m3 1.59 1.92

Electricity Tariffs:

Latvia had already liberalised its market for non-household consumers in 2007, and there is no fixed price for institutional end-consumers. Hence, the electricity price is subject to an agreement with an energy producer, depending on the particular demands.

However, in general, electricity costs are made up of four components. The first component is the tariff of Latvian electricity transmission and distribution operator ‘AS Sadales Tikls’, which is incorporated within the leading Latvian electricity production company Latvenergo. The tariff price varies based on the electricity consumption. Typical prices are EUR 0.053 per kWh. More information can be found at the ‘AS Sadales Tikls’ website.

The second component is the mandatory procurement component. It consists of two parts – the fixed capacity component and the variable part. From January 1, 2021, the variable one is 0,00932 EUR/kWh without VAT. The fixed component depends on the electricity capacity. You can find more information about it here:

Please note that a precise estimate can only be made by contacting the relevant electricity company directly, and you have to indicate requirements. From January 2015, the energy market in Latvia is opened for private traders to increase rivalry. You can find out about the largest energy providers here.



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