Moving to Latvia

We are very excited to see you taking the first big step towards a new chapter in life – moving to Latvia! Latvia stands out with a community of intelligent and ambitious people. If you are searching for a job, planning to start a business, or want to acquire high-quality education, we are confident that Latvia is the right place to pursue your ambitions. 

To help you with the moving process we've put together this simple brochure – Relocation Guide to Latvia. It's a collection of all the big and little things you should know to run the relocation process smoothly:

  • Visas & residence permits
  • Finding housing 
  • Finding a job
  • Support for entrepreneurs
  • Cost of living
  • Language and culture
  • Sports and nature
  • Transportation 
  • Healthcare system
  • Education
  • Staying in Latvia long-term
  • Helpful resources

So have a look, and if you have any additional questions, flip to the back of the guide for a list of resources and organizations that are here to help you. People are standing by to support you in your relocation journey. 

Welcome to Latvia! 

Relocation Guide to Latvia


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